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Tiranga Juice

India's Independence Day ~ स्वतंत्रता दिवस is celebrated on 15th August, in honour of India's Independence from British Raj and its birth as a sovereign nation. British ruled India from 1858 - 1947. The struggle for Indian independence continued for years basically from the time the East India Company set up its rule. India saw the emergence of some freedom fighters and satyagrahis who with their ideologies and principles sought to achieve independence. Many people participated in the Indian freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, Ramprasad Bismil, Madame Cama, Aurobindo Ghosh, Bagha Jatin, Suhdev, Rajguru are few of the freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for us to enjoy the freedom.
After so many years of British rule, India finally won backs its freedom on 15th August, 1947. All the patriotic hearts rejoiced at seeing India becoming a sovereign nation and the triumph of hundreds and thousands of martyred souls. It was a birth of a new nation and a new beginning.
People hoist the national flag through out the country and put them up on the rooftops and the buildings. People only go to offices to attend the flag hoisting ceremony. The Prime Minister addresses the Nation after the flag hoisting.
In India, the term "tricolour" ~ ''Tiranga'' refers to the Indian national flag. Few of us are aware about the fact that Pingali Venkayya designed our Tiranga.The flag is a horizontal tricolour of "deep Saffron" at the top, White in the middle, and Green at the bottom. In the centre, there is a Navy Blue wheel with twenty-four spokes, known as the Ashok Chakra.

Independence Day Scraps Comments and Graphics - Indian Flag

The flag's Saffron color symbolizes Courage and Sacrifice, White stands for Peace and Truth, and Green is for Faith and Chivalry, and Blue represents the color of the sky and the ocean. The central motif is a Chakra, or Buddhist spinning wheel. The 24 spokes of the wheel correspond with the 24 hours of the day, implying that there is life in movement and death in stagnation.

''Saare jahan se accha Hindustan Hamara'' It makes more sense now. Sixty years after independence, India is beginning to deliver on its promise. Over the past few years the world's biggest and rowdiest democracy has matched its political freedoms with economic ones, unleashing a torrent of growth and wealth creation that is transforming the lives of millions. India's economic clout is beginning to make itself felt on the international stage and with recent achievement of Abhinav Bindra made India proud by claiming Gold Medal in Beijing Olympics in the Men's 10m Air Rifle.

Source: Wikipedia and TIMES

Wishing All Happy Independence Day

I received today from my school friend Sejal Zaveri a beautiful painting of Mahatma Gandhi our Bapu - Father of the Nation. This marvellous Art work is done by using Charcoal and Pencil. I received her mail, when I was drafting this post, so I thought let me use her Art work, which is apt for the post and I seeked her permission to showcase her talent on my blog.

Away from homeland, I truly miss India and I thought best way to celebrate our Independence is by making this Tiranga Juice. Here's my entry for Creative Pooja's Independence Day Event and for EC's WYF'S Colour in Food as colours of India are represented in the Juice

5 Apples
2 Bananas
8 Oranges
8 Kiwis
2 Tablespoons of Sugar

1. Wash and clean all the fruits, and then peel off the skin from all the fruits.
2. Extract Orange juice by using citrus juicer extractor and add 1 Tablespoon of Sugar
3. Blend the apples and banana together and keep it aside.
4. In the same Juicer blender, blend the kiwis and add 1 Tablespoon of sugar and keep it aside.
5. For making Tricolour of Indian flag, take a serving glass, with spoon add kiwi juice, then with help of a spoon make layer of Apple and Banana juice and in the end with spoon top it with Orange Juice.


Paru ... 13 August 2008 at 18:36  

Tiranga Juice looks very creative and delicious..

Excellent concept


Madhavi 13 August 2008 at 23:01  

Awesome juice, look yummmm and delicious !!!

notyet100 14 August 2008 at 01:22  

nice juice,..nd post is really nice..happy independence day in advance ,..ceeya...

notyet100 14 August 2008 at 01:39  

tell ur fren that paintin is awesome,..good u shared,.ceeya hppy blogin,..

Yasmeen 14 August 2008 at 02:15  

I miss my India too. Nice look back in to History of Indian Independence.I truly admire Gandhiji for who he was. I wish and pray every Indian to follow the foot steps of Gandhiji.
Your juice is truly patriotic.
Happy Independence day Purva.

Lakshmi 14 August 2008 at 02:47  

tricolor juice looks sooo good and the write up, images are very well done!

Sukanya Yogesh 14 August 2008 at 04:06  

Lovely looking Tiranga juice. The portrait of Gandhiji made by your friend is very good.

Unknown 14 August 2008 at 05:28  

very creative..delicious too!!

Shreya 14 August 2008 at 06:50  

great post, Purva. Juice looks very good.

Indian Khana 14 August 2008 at 07:09  

Juice looking nice..gud creative way of making tiranga....the painting is too gud...convey the wishes to your frd.

Anisheetu 14 August 2008 at 09:14  

Very nice yaar.. its looking beautiful... Happy Independence Day...

Deepthi Shankar 14 August 2008 at 09:26  

wow .. tiranga juice looks nice ..

lubnakarim06 14 August 2008 at 10:06  

Wow Wow Wow. Juice looks gr8. Nic pic.

Nidhi 14 August 2008 at 14:52  

This is one good post Purva. Frankly I never knew as to who had designed our 'Tiranga'.

Happy Independence day!

Purva Desai 14 August 2008 at 14:58  

Wishing All Happy Independence Day....
Will convey to my friend about her painting being appreciated..
Yasmeen thanks for visiting my blog

Vaidehi Bhave 14 August 2008 at 15:12  

Visit My blog..Magic Lamp is waiting for you !!!

Click here

notyet100 14 August 2008 at 18:20  

hii,,happy independence day...jus spoke tomy sis,.the one in london,,hse told its damn cold there with rain and u copin..i cant bear winters,..:-)

Unknown 14 August 2008 at 19:29  

Very creative idea,good way to show the colors of the Indian flag :)

ST 14 August 2008 at 21:52  

Tiranga juice looks awesome and yumm yumm.Gr8 entry......

Sum Raj 15 August 2008 at 01:25  

JUICE looks creative. the pic of gandhiji's painting is superb...happy independence day to u too

Pooja 15 August 2008 at 03:06  

drink looks so yummy !!!
Never seen such a refreshing deink .
thanks for your nice entry. Happy Independence day to you too.

Sejal Zaveri 15 August 2008 at 12:22  

Hey Purva excellent write up. Loved refreshing my history lessons with u. It makes every Indian proud to celebrate this day of freedom, self respect and dignity from the British Raj.

The use of my portrait has been apt for the occasion. Thanks. Tiranga juice looks fantastic...=)

lubnakarim06 15 August 2008 at 14:12  

Happy Independence day to u.

Suganya 15 August 2008 at 14:58  

The juice looks so good. Nice entry for independence day. Thank u for passing me the lovely awards....

Unknown 15 August 2008 at 15:59  

hi dear h r u i am enjoying a lot congrates on your awards juice is very greative

Anisheetu 20 August 2008 at 04:46  

Hi dear some more recipes... Seeing Sukhadi on ur blog keeps my mouth watering... :)

Ramya Bala 21 August 2008 at 04:57  

hey dear,have mailed priti have any specific email id?

Srikitchen 22 August 2008 at 09:52  

an award waiting for u in my blog!

Srikitchen 24 August 2008 at 01:08  

an event for icecreams and milkshakes is going in my blog! participate in it!

EC 25 August 2008 at 17:00  

Cool...lovely drink..and please convey my appreciation to ur friend for such a beautiful art piece. thanks for participating in the event

Anonymous,  2 September 2008 at 14:15  

that is one creative idea for tiranga juice... :)

badam_ravikumar 14 August 2010 at 03:58  

This tirang was an azom concept anywere purva i wish u a happy indipendence day to u n to all my indians


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