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Idli is a steamed rice cake prepared in south of India. It is a common fastfood available throughout India in Udipi Restaurants. It is recognised as one of the healthiest food. I personally dont like Idli, but because of my hubby who is crazy for South Indian food, I also cultivated the liking for South Indian Food. Before our marriage when he was alone in UK, he use to go every weekend to Wembley to have Idli Sambhar at a famous joint called 'Chennai Dosa', who serve authentic South Indian Food. And when he is in India he will visit 'Ram Krishna' restaurant in Vile Parle (East) and Woodlands in Juhu, Mumbai. I have learned making authentic Idli from my mother-in-law who is an expert in making South Indian food.

1 Cup Whole skinless Urad Dal
2 Cups of Rice
1 Cup of Parboiled Rice / Uncle Ben's Rice
1 Teaspoon of Fenugreek Seeds
1/2 Cup of Curd (Yoghurt)
2 Teaspoons of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Fruit Salt / Eno
Oil for greasing

1. After washing, soak Rice, Parboiled Rice and Urad Dal in separate bowls overnight or for eight hours.
2. Sprinkle Fenugreek seeds on soaked Rice bowls.
3. Once the rice and dal are soaked, grind Urad dal and rice separately. Grind it coarsely, add water if required.
4. Mix together rice and dal, add salt and let it ferment for six to eight hours. The batter should raise and it should be double. In countries like UK, due to climatic condition I face problem to ferment my batter. I usually place my batter in the Oven.
5. Once the batter is fermented, add curd and fruit salt and fold it in the batter.
6. Grease the Idli moulds with oil, pour the batter and steam them in the Idly Steamer.
Serve Idli with Sambhar and Coconut Chutney



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