Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sindhi Koki

'Koki' means thick chapati in Sindhi language. These are simple, however tasty chapatis. Sindhi food is usually cooked in ghee.

2 Cups of Wheat flour
1 Chopped Onion
1 Bunch of Chopped Coriander
1 Teaspoon of Coriander - Cumin Powder
1 Teaspoon of Cumin seeds
2 Chopped green chillies
2 Teaspoons of Ghee for dough
Ghee for frying
Salt to taste

1. For kneading the dough, take 2 teaspoons of ghee and all the other ingredients. Knead a stiff dough

2. Make equal portions. Roll out in to desired shape. With fork prick in between the kokis so that they are cooked well.

3. Heat the Griddle (tawa), and place the koki. Cook on both the sides by applying ghee on corner of the kokis. Cook till golden brown on both the sides.

4. Serve kokis with Sindhi kadhi / Sai bhaji / pickle / chutney


Purva Desai 3 July 2008 at 16:54  

Taste lovely as well :)

Oliver Richmond 21 May 2016 at 07:47  

I loves cooking very much and I am a writer focused on career and physical development to spread more issues and tips to develop and works through Professional resume writing service. Nice recipes. I had a sindhi freind whos is used to tell me about koki, and the side dish always used to be paneer. He also told me about cheti chand. Your recipes remind me of him. Thank you so much for sharing.


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