Thursday, 3 July 2008

Peanut Raita

'Peanut Raita' reminds me of my days in Mumbai, when we used to share our tiffins in office and my colleague Aarti used to get this raita prepared by her mother and I used to relish eating the same. A chilling raita, to beat the heat in sultry summer.

2 Cups of Curd (Yogurt)
1/2 Cup of roasted peanuts
1/2 Cup of Milk
1 Small Cucumber
1 Small Carrot
1 Finely chopped chillies
1 Teaspoon of Jeera (Cumin seed) powder
1 Teaspoon of Black salt (Sanchar)
Salt to taste

1. Take curd and beat it, add milk and mix properly.
2. Grind the roasted peanuts and add in to the curd.
3. Peel off the skin from cucumber and carrot
4. Grate cucumber and carrot in to the curd.
5. Add chopped chillies, jeera powder, black salt and salt in to the raita and mix well.



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