Thursday, 17 July 2008

Verry Berry Surprise

Well, as per my understanding of history, Christopher Colombus was actually trying to find another way to reach India - Land of Spice. But in that exploration he landed up discovering the world strongest country America. His biggest mistake, turned out to be a marvellous discovery. Now, the Colombus within me wanted to cook Strawberry Cream, an exotic dessert served at Wimbledon. I was amongst the fortunate ones to watch the current wimbledon match, with few of my friends who had paid visit to Land of Queen, Great Britain. My dear hubby being busy in the office, couldn't make it for the match. So, I thought of cheering him up by making strawberry cream at home for our Sunday Night Project. But when I went to the nearby supermarket to pick up fresh strawberries, they were all off from the shelves. Poor me :(, quick came the idea to pick up summer berries (rasberries and blue berries) instead. So here it is....presenting my ''Verry Berry Surprise''

100g Rasberries
100g Blue Berries
50g of Creamy Custard
50g of Mascarpone (Cheese used specially for desserts)
3 Tablespoon of Strawberry Jam
4 Trifle Sponges / Any soft sponge cake
1 Tablespoon of Ginger biscuit Crumbs
1 Tablespoon of Sugar

1. Take rasberries and blueberries, keeping few of them aside. Add sugar and blend both the berries together and make a smooth puree.
2. Mix Custard and Mascarpone together. Mascarpone is a cheese specially used for desserts to soften the cream or custard.
3. Now take a serving glass, add berry puree. Now make layer of custard and mascarpone mixture. On top of custard add few pieces of berries kept aside and Jam. Make one more such layer.
4. Decorate with remaining pieces of Berries and ginger biscuit crumbs and a dollop of Jam.
Your tongue is waiting to lick Verry Berry Surprise :)


Sum Raj 17 July 2008 at 23:29  

wooo its mouthewatering dessert....its colourful tooo....

Srivalli 18 July 2008 at 06:02  

that looks simply delicious...

Jaishree Iyer 18 July 2008 at 12:39  

First time here.dessertlooks so yummy..Good collection of recipes.

Chef Jeena 18 July 2008 at 12:41  

This looks such a delicious summer treat. :-)

Purva Desai 18 July 2008 at 16:07  

Jeena, jaishree of myviews and sri,
Thank you for stopping by....
Its indeed a mouthwatering and colourful dessert :)

Pooja 18 July 2008 at 16:53  

Nice blog Purva :) .
this berry dessert is really looking yummy, pass on some here he he he...

Unknown 18 July 2008 at 18:47  

hey back home just now verry berrt realy a surprise looks soooooooooooyummy

ST 18 July 2008 at 19:54  

WOW......What a colorful dessert.It looks inviting.....U have nice and lovely blog.....

Chef Jeena 18 July 2008 at 21:15  

Hi Purva, thank you for stopping by my blog. Just thought I would let you know that the cooking event ends on the 21st July if you would like to participate. :-)

Sagari 19 July 2008 at 03:28  

yumm looks delecious

Deepthi Shankar 19 July 2008 at 07:54  

thatz a yummy dessert .. sooo tempting

Purva Desai 19 July 2008 at 11:29  

Thanks for stopping by....i wish i could fly to US and pass it on to you....till then I am virtually sharing it with you so that you can make it and njoy :)
Thanks for reminding the last date will keep that in mind.
Sireesha, Vani, Sgari,
Thank you u all :)

Unknown 22 July 2008 at 16:07  

looks wow. i'll let you know what all I want to savour when I am visiting UK. :D

Purva Desai 22 July 2008 at 18:21  

dost, pehle UK aayo.....phir dekhyo kitni treat milti hai :)


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