Sunday, 21 September 2008

Onam Celebrations

Onam or Thiruonam originated as a joyous annual reminiscence of the golden rule of King Mahabali, a mythical king, who ruled Kerala a very long time ago. It recalls the sacrifice of the great king, his true devotion to God, his human pride and his ultimate redemption.

Onam is the most important harvest festival of Kerala. Ranging from four days to ten days, all the activities during this season are centered around worshipping, music, dances, sports, boat races and good food. Being a harvest festival, it is time to thank God for the bountiful yield and enjoy the bounty of nature after a year of hard labor. Elaborate procession of Trichur and spectacular snake boat races on River Pampa mark the merry-making nature of the festival. Women dress up in new saris and heavy jewelry and make elaborate and intricate designs of 'rangolis' (with colored rice paste) and 'pookkalam' (with flowers) in front of their homes. The legendary king Mahabali is welcomed to his kingdom with all the reverence. Prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu for his divine kindness.

Wishing you all Happy Onam

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Here is my entry for Priyanka's Onam Celebration

My Onamsadya for Onam is Rava Idli

Served with Sambhar


notyet100 21 September 2008 at 16:24  

thanks alot purva for sending yummy idlis with sambhar for the festival,..:-)

ST 21 September 2008 at 17:59  

Lovely entry Purva .Everything looks delicious...

Unknown 21 September 2008 at 18:20  

idlis looks so yummy purva nice entry

Vidhya 21 September 2008 at 21:11  

Rava Idly looks delicious.

Unknown 22 September 2008 at 06:03  

looks delicious..long time i made rava idlis..tempted to make it seeing yours..

Dershana 22 September 2008 at 08:30  

Rva idlis with their cashew crowns look perfect!

Unknown 22 September 2008 at 08:56  

hi dear.. how r u? rawa ldli & sambhar looks perfect & yummy..

Pete 22 September 2008 at 15:41  

Happy Onam. May Lord Vishnu bless our families.

raaji 22 September 2008 at 20:13  

happy Onam Purva....idlis look perfect.nice entry...

Shreya 22 September 2008 at 20:45  

Hi Purva, great entry. Love the picture..

Sukanya Yogesh 23 September 2008 at 15:05  

Rava Idlis look yummy....Nice click as always

Sum Raj 23 September 2008 at 17:00  

lovly entry purva...everything looks perfect.

Madhavi 23 September 2008 at 19:46  

yummmmmmmmm entry Purva dear :))

Lc 23 September 2008 at 19:52  

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Leave me a comment, to keep in touch.

Unknown 23 September 2008 at 22:37  

Your rawa idli looks perfect :)

Bhawna 24 September 2008 at 03:04  

ur rawa idlis looks real soft, purva. Nice entry.

anudivya 24 September 2008 at 20:02  

Nice entries... with a nice spread!

Lubna Karim 25 September 2008 at 11:58  

Wow ravva edli and sambar. Looks gr8.


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